Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wip wednesday.

I've been wanting to participate in WIP Wednesday for quite some time, but honestly I haven't gotten my act together enough to do it yet.  This is kind of a half-assed version...but I'm making the effort to cut down on my works in progress, so at least it's is a start.


The main thing occupying my time right now is DQS12.  I started working on my partner's quilt over the weekend, and was able to make a bit more progress since I'm off this week. :)

DQS12 Top Done!

There's not much else going on right now.  I have to do my next round of the BMQG Round Robin Quilt, which I received at our last meeting.  And I need to make my next block for my Modern 99 Bee.  Other than that, I have one quilt top that needs quilting and binding (no pictures of that to share yet) and I'm free to start a new project.  Yay!


I'm very excited to go away with my scrapbooking girlfriends this weekend.  I haven't done much with paper lately, but I'm packing up my Smash Books and some card making supplies.


I've been majorly bitten by the knitting bug this past week and I have several projects in the works.

I just cast on the Color Affection Shawl...

...and made the Pedestrian Crossing Cowl this weekend...

...and I'm still working on a pair of socks for Jake.

I did have another finish this week - a preemie hat for Remembering Remy.

Hopefully I'll have more finishes next week!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Spring break is here!  Hooray!

I have a crafty girls' weekend coming up on Thursday, and it is much needed.  I am sorting through paper, yarn, and other supplies to put together some projects to work on for the weekend.  Honestly, I don't care if I do a damn's going to be awesome!

Most of my work has been swap-related lately...

The BMQG hosted a bee block swap at our March meeting.

We also did a pincushion swap.  I put this one together using Little Apples and this tutorial.

BMQG Pincushion Swap

BMQG Pincushion Swap

Honestly, I'm getting kind of swapped out lately...the last one I've signed up for on Flickr is the Doll Quilt Swap.  I've made some progress on it - haven't had much time to work on it, but I have a few days this week to knock it out before I leave on my trip.

DQS12 Tease

DQS12 Tease

That will be it for swaps for a while.  I'm not planning on signing up for any more for at least a month or two to give myself a break.  I have too many projects that I want to do for us.  I need to stop sewing for other people!  Plus, the knitting bug has bitten me lately and I've been enjoying being able to play with yarn and spend time with the boys concurrently.  Good things.

Monday, February 27, 2012

back to your regularly scheduled program

We're going to pretend it hasn't been a month.


Okay.  ;)

You guys are the best.

Lots in the works right now...first off, I finished up my sister's birthday quilt.

Cheryl's 30th Birthday Quilt

The block is from 99 Modern Blocks.  I omitted the border and joined them all together.  The fabric is Fig Tree Quilts Butterscotch and Roses.

Cheryl's 30th Birthday Quilt

Thirty blocks for her thirtieth birthday.  I delivered it to her last weekend when I went up to New York.  Very well received!

I also finished up another block for the Modern 99 Bee.

Modern 99 Bee Block for Robin

Love this's in the running for my month.  I have May, so I need to decide soon!  Any other suggestions?

Lastly, I finished up my mini quilt for the Name Game Swap.  My partner hasn't received it yet, so I've got the name covered up, but this is it...

I started out with some scrappy strips, including selvages...and an idea I sketched out.

Name Game Swap Peek

Here's the top completed...I changed it up a bit as I worked on it.

Name Game Swap Peek

And here it's done...

Name Game Swap

Love this.  Seriously love.  It's going to be hard to let go.  I hope my partner likes it as well!

Other things in the works...some socks (almost done!), a shawl, goodies for the BMQG - bee blocks, a round robin, a pincushion - yikes...I need to get to work!

Luckily I've finally relented and become addicted to this...