Saturday, March 12, 2011

project 12 - february layout.

Davinie Fiero teams up with Becky Fleck each month to bring Project 21 to the blogging community.  Basically, you sum up the events of the past month on a double-page layout.  You can choose to use the sketch created by Becky, or not - it's up to you.

Here is my February layout (click on the layout to see it bigger):

A bit more exciting than January, but we're all pretty gloomy around here.  I decided to brighten up the colors a bit and I love the way this one came out. :)

I've decided to keep these pages all together in their own album instead on including them with my other layouts.  I'm not very good about journaling on my general layouts, so I feel like this is a nice way to document our lives without being overwhelming.  I will do separate layouts about many of these events, but if I don't get to them right away, it doesn't matter.

It's all good.

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