Tuesday, June 28, 2011

robert kaufman charm pack challenge.

The new Baltimore chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild participated in the Robert Kaufman Charm Pack Challenge.  We received Kona charm packs in the classic colorway and were charged with making a quilt that used a bit of each color in the pack, no patterned fabric, and a technique we haven't tried before.

Here's my quilt:

robert kaufman challenge

I had a hard time working without patterns, but I think I'm happy with the result.  It reminds me of little framed works of art.

robert kaufman challenge closeup

Here's the back:

robert kaufman challenge back

Working without a pattern at all was my new technique.  Looking back, I probably would have spaced the log cabins a bit closer together, but ah, well....it's done!

You can view the other MQG challenge quilts here.

Our next challenge is hosted by Jay McCarroll, featuring Free Spirit Habitat.  I already have the fabric in my possession (the jewel tones colorway) and played a bit with it today.  Will share soon!

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  1. Oh my! I love it. It's gorgeous and the frames around the log cabins are perfect. Wanna swap, lol.