Monday, December 26, 2011

orchid, tangerine, and gray.

Quokka Quilts and Fat Quarter Shop are holding a Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle contest so I figured I would give it a can read about the contest here.

I spent a good hour this morning browsing through FQS to choose my fabrics.  I managed to put together what I feel is a really nice color combo...orchid, tangerine, and gray.  These are not colors I would normally be drawn to, but now that I see the group of fabrics all together, I want to choose these colors for my next bee!

Here's what I came up with...

FQS Collage

1. Weekend Clubhouse 2012 Cream Petit Point SKU# SG4607-CREM-D
2. Decadence Orange Petal Dots SKU# C2636-ORANGE
3. Michael Miller Orchid Cotton Couture Solid SKU# SC5333-ORCH-D
4. Taza Neutral Ribbon Damask SKU# PWDF110-NEUTR
5. Oval Elements Crocus SKU# OE-908
6. Girls World Vibe Magenta Carrie SKU# PWJP058-MAGEN
7. Etchings Parchment Script Handwriting SKU# 3728-26
8. Dazzle Clementine Shadow Stripe SKU# 5418-Y
9. Bespoken Orchid Jacquard SKU# BE-7102
10. Free Spirit Designer Solids Salmon SKU# S49-SALMON
11. Terrain Bloom Lichen SKU# 27098-13
12. Grand Bazaar White Corridors SKU# DS5069-WHIT-D
13.  Free Spirit Designer Solids Raw Sugar SKU# S32-RAWSUGAR
14. Flora Tangerine Geometric Circle Leaves SKU# 25057-15
15. French Dress Cream Worn Damask SKU# 8628-141

Wish me luck - and Happy Boxing Day!


  1. Ooh i like those! Did you save the SKU codes or names of each in case you win?

  2. Thanks everyone! I edited to add the SKUs...I was so excited about getting it up I completely forgot! :)

  3. Great entry! I'd buy this bundle!

  4. Oh, I just love your choices.
    And it's so strange - I've just discovered that our bundles share three of the dark pink/orchid fabrics and yet they are so different.

  5. A girl after my own heart! I almost went this direction. So pretty!

  6. I like your choices!! And #8 is a great print!

  7. wow, this is gorgeous. the silver just anchors it all, makes it really accessible and shows off the vibrancy of the other two. this is definitely one of my favorites.

  8. This was one of the top three I voted for. I love the way it came out! Such rich, vibrant colors, and the silver really does tie it together so nicely!