Wednesday, December 14, 2011

currently. prime time shows in the background as I work, sew, and surf the internet.  We are currently enjoying New Girl, and Raising Hope. (I also pop on Glee and Criminal Minds when my honey's not around as well).  I'm not usually a very big TV person, but I've really needed an escape from work lately. 

Eating...much better than I have the past few months.  I started attending WW meetings again, which is a great step in the right direction.  We planned out dinner for the entire week this past weekend and it has worked amazingly well for us so far. So proud of us.

Drinking...blackberry sage tea.  Love. new comfy polar bear jammies that I got for my birthday from my honey. 

Feeling...overwhelmed.  Just two more days until winter break.  This will be a much deserved vacation and a welcome break from a very chaotic school year. lacking some white stuff around here.  Other than our freak October snowfall, we've had nada.  Very bummed and hoping for some frosty  goodness in the near future!

Wanting...time to sew.  Haven't had much time lately.  Looking forward to next week when it'll be just Jake and me at home.  Planning on spending a good amount of time in the sewing room.

Needing...some outdoor time.  It gets dark so early now, I can't go for a walk in the evening after work.  Definitely on the to-do list next week as well.

Thinking...about my word for next year.  I'm entertaining a few right now, and have already signed up for Ali's next class at BPC.  The Baltimore MQG is also doing a word quilt challenge for January using our words of the year. 

Enjoying...collecting and wrapping Hanukkah gifts for the boys.  We're doing things a bit differently this year - numbered gifts all set out, with each of them choosing one to open each night.  Since they kind of know what they're getting, it adds a little element of surprise to the mix.  Trying to continue to keep it special for them as they get older.

What about you?

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