Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the headache persists.

Day two is done...and that dang headache is back.  Not nearly as bad as the day before, but still there. Hubby is worried that it's from lack of caffeine, but a) I have been weaning myself off of caffeine for the past week or so, so that doesn't make sense, and b) even if it was from lack of caffeine, I've got to kick this habit, right?

I really think it's work related.  I went from two weeks of lazing about to 8 hour days of fluorescent lights, computer screens, and overhead projectors.  Ouch.

Food-wise I'm doing great!  I love the wholesome choices I've been forced to make.  Last night I made brown rice pasta with steamed vegetables, and the little one even decided to omit the jarred tomato sauce for my healthier toppings.  Nice!

And can I just say that I think I'm in danger of leaving hubby for avocados?  Yum-a-licious.

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