Monday, January 10, 2011

week two begins.

I'm on my second week of the Whole Living 28-Day Challenge and I feel stupendous!  I am happy and proud to say that I have not cheated once.  The only thing I did (after much research) is eat oatmeal.  Oatmeal, by itself, does not contain any gluten...but it is processed in a plant that does.  So it is not recommended that people with celiac disease consume oatmeal.  Whole Living recommends that you abstain from this grain during week one if you have a gluten allergy, but said that it's okay if you know you do not.  I definitely do not have celiac disease, so I decided to go for it on Saturday morning.  I made some raw oatmeal, added a banana, a tablespoon of walnuts, and 1/2 a tablespoon of agave nectar and went to town.  It was good.  And very filling.  Yum.

The second week now allows me to start adding things back in to my diet.  Today I can reintroduce wheat and gluten, Thursday I can reintroduce dairy, Saturday is soy, and Sunday I can start consuming caffeine again.  I still need to steer clear of added sugar, processed foods/beverages, alcohol, and fruit juices.  This, to me, seems like a much better list. 

Here's to Week Two!

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