Wednesday, May 11, 2011

garden :: week 3 :: april 24

Peppers went into the ground this week!  Hooray!  Jake picked 3 different types - cubanelle, yellow bell, and red bell.  We were supposed to have green bell peppers in there too, but we accidentally grabbed two of the red plants.  Oops!

We also planted a few hot peppers - but those are in pots on the porch.  I've heard too many stories from gardeners that mistakenly plant them in their beds with the sweet peppers and inadvertently made them all hot!

The beans were looking very well-established this week...

...and we got the sugar pie pumpkins in the ground as well ...

We were getting pretty frustrated with the blue potatoes at this point.  Something kept coming and digging them up.  We had a few bad storms, so they could have been the culprit, too.  But nothing seemed to be growing and I had to keep covering the buggers up again.  Worst case scenario, we planned on scrapping that idea and putting some lettuce or cabbage there instead.  We decided to give them two or three more weeks before calling it quits.

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