Thursday, May 19, 2011

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I ran again yesterday.  According to my ipod, the last run I did was July 17, 2010.


I was worried that I would get shin splints.  Which I didn't

I was worried that I would look like a fool.  Which I may have, but I saw another woman in about the same shape as me running on the opposite side of the road.  We smiled and waved to one another.  That made me feel good.

I was worried that my lungs would explode.  Which of course they didn't.  I actually felt good.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep my pace up at all.  I was rusty, but did much better than I would have expected.  I ran for three good bursts at a 9 minute mile.  Not bad for me!

Almost 3 miles...nearly 45 minutes.  Not bad at all.
I felt GREAT afterward.  I really wish I could bottle up that feeling and take a swig as I tie my sneakers to head out.  I would run every day.

For now, I will let my body rest and try again Saturday morning.

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