Saturday, May 21, 2011

heather ross is my hero.

Seriously.  She's my BFF.  I absolutely love her designs and can't get enough.

Unfortunately, most of our house is relatively traditional.  Darker colors, french antique decor.  So Heather doesn't really fit in very well. I have to save her for my personal craft room stuff or gifts for others.

Excited about my mug rug swap, because I'll get to play around with some of these awesome patterns!

And look what I found...

Munki Munki pajamas...designed by Heather Ross.  Flannel, poplin, thermal...oh my!  I've already sent the link to hubby for future gift-buying!  They are adorable!!

And if you peek around on Etsy, you'll find some stores selling pieces of fabric from the pajamas.  I just purchased a mini sample pack of six different designs from sewdeerlyloved.  They are small pieces, but perfect for mug rugs, patchwork, or any other smallish project.  I've been drooling over the Lightning Bugs Goldfish in Bags fabric for a while and haven't been able to find it.  There is a piece that is very similar!

(Funny story - I just searched Etsy for a picture of the goldfish in bags fabric to post here, and janeymacshop just posted a fat quarter!  I snatched that up so quick!  Yipee!!)

Can't wait for my packages to get here!!

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