Monday, May 16, 2011

playing on flickr.

I joined a mug rug swap on flickr last week, and we had to put together an inspiration mosaic for our partner.  Just a collage of some projects we've come across on flickr that we love so they can get to know us.

There are so many talented people...

1. YIP 365.153 :: Twinkle mini pillow, 2. Dresden plate mini quilt, 3. YIP 365.345 :: Sample block for improv workshop, 4. mug rug ~ received, 5. Sunny mug rug 1, 6. Pillow, 7. quilted pincushion, 8. hexagon pillow 1, 9. Orange Placemat front, 10. Hoot Dresden by Poppyprint, 11. mug rugs for a swap, 12. another princessy mug rug, 13. Mug Rug Swap 4, 14. Mug Rug Quilting, 15. Nate pillow 2 , 16. tacha's hexed in pillow cover

1 comment:

  1. one of my favorite swaps! I did the first three rounds. Now I have tons of mug rugs. Super fun!